Carnaval Parade @ 3 Day Gallery

One of my paintings, Carnaval Parade is featured at the Three Day Gallery @threedaygallery… you can purchase framed archival prints of this artwork at a really great price — check it out… Advertisements

Being Antoinette

  Marie Antoinette was known for her extravagance and the french were excited to bid her adieu as they sent her to the guillotine. However, extravagance aside, Antoinette was a woman not to… Continue reading

Cassandra and Dustin

Just sharing a recent portrait session with amazing couple Cassandra and Dustin.  Love the romance and fun shared between them!

Fashion Shoot with OpenStudio Students

<iframe src=”; width=”960″ height=”540″ # fashion #photography #cubism #public art Wanted to share this video of an amazing fashion shoot I did with Angela Chen’s students… inspired by cubism and public art… you… Continue reading

Digital Camouflage

Just a little bit of digital camouflage on my latest creative with Ania from Key Model Management, Vanessa Mills (makeup) and Stephanie Daon Park (hair).  Photography by me.  

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Standing Armed V (Acrylic on Canvas) Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!


Today’s painting is titled Voices.  We always have thoughts running through our mind, not necessarily black or white, but decisions still need to be made and each decision affects the outcome in a… Continue reading

Barbie and the Voice

My 4 year old daughter Mika is watching Barbie and all of a sudden comments on Barbie’s singing…  “she’s good!  she should join The Voice!”  I just thought that was hilarious!  To a… Continue reading

Love the dry humor here

Just saw these men in chanel paintings by Sandra Eterovic from the Jealous Curator’s Blog.  Here’s the full story.  It’s too hilarious it  just makes my day.

Leap of Faith

This piece was purely inspired by the markings and textures created by the gesso on the canvas.  Just going with the flow of where the brush would lead me, of where the ink… Continue reading