Kelly Jill is a painter and photographer living and working in Vancouver, B.C.  She grew up in the Philippines, and lived in Tucson, AZ, and San Francisco CA before emigrating to Canada.


I am drawn to creating abstract representations of human experiences and nature. Painting abstractly lets me go beyond normal physical attributes and allows me to further intensify the expression of experiences. Spirituality, affirmations, energy, emotions, love, celebrations, transitions, poverty, struggle, and feminism are some aspects I personally feel strongly about and incorporate into my paintings. Because I paint spontaneously, I like to work on large surfaces to be able to express freely .The psychological aspect of my work allows room for ambiguity in the interpretation.   The title of the pieces serves as a starting point for interpretation, but each person that encounters them has their own journey and will relate to the painting in a unique way.


My imagery is drawn from the heart and soul of my muse. I collaborate with my subjects to create pieces that speak directly to the emotions.  My photographs are characterized by a genuineness in expression and presence in the moment, allowing viewers to immediately connect and experience.  I strive to combine beauty and depth in my body of work, and modify elements that affect these attributes at the moment of capture as well as during post production.  My photographic work has been featured in numerous publications in Europe and North America.