Tuesday Morning Motivation from Naeem Callaway on Vimeo. This is a really good one to watch every so often, to stay focused, stay hungry, and keep aiming for success.  It’s something we artists… Continue reading


Thomas Houseago, Sleeping Boy I, 2012 I love that the complexity is in the texture and composition and that the color is just plain.  I love the emotion of the piece.

Paintings and Titles

There are times when I have a hard time deciding on a title, not for a lack of words to describe it, but more because there are many that come to my mind… Continue reading


The weather is amazing, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, everybody is out enjoying the sunshine!!!  Thought I’d share a recent painting titled First Signs of Spring.  It’s a very organic abstract… Continue reading

Screen Shot – Brand New Website

Another screenshot of my new website

Brand New Website!

I’ve finally taken the leap and designed and created my new website — best thing about it is it’s now compatible with iPads and mobile phones.  Used Adobe Muse to create it from… Continue reading


Acrylic on Canvas 42×63  DETAIL Water Winter Blizzard — these three words share the title for this recent piece as it is the vigorous energy of these that inspired me.  What I really… Continue reading